A Taste of Paradise


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“American intelligence discovered for sale on the dark web Russian weapon technology, a UAV amphib, capable of transporting illegal goods and delivering a nuclear dirty bomb missile. The sale is set to take place in the Carribean, somewhere near Cuba. Among the interested parties involved are several foreign cartels and Cuban generals.
Fearing another Cuban missile crisis a task force is formed headed by Homeland Security Special Agent Robert Hardy. He recruits, coerces, the services of wounded vet Jake Harper and fellow retired vet T J Alvarez, an Afro-Cuban American now an undercover Miami Dade SWAT team officer.

Jake Harper, absentee father of three children, divorced while recovering from an IED attack is about to lose everything, including his ancestral Carolina farm. When he is offered a resort construction job in the Bahamas, he can’t believe his good fortune. Soon after arriving on the island of Great Exuma, SA Hardy approaches with his offer, be Homeland’s eyes and ears for the task force on the island and his debts would be taken care of.
Jake, the reluctant recruit, becomes more involved than he wished beginning with his supervisor and housemate’s girlfriend Blakely Carmichael, an enigmatic, erotic creature around whom everything and everyone revolves. Blakely spins her many tales, one of which, a Russian oligarch has a contract out on Jake which she must help fulfill.
Blakely disappears, Jake becomes the number one suspect, putting his job, his freedom and his life in jeopardy.
Jake quickly realizes the op was not the taste of paradise he hoped for. In order to save himself, he must learn who is who and what is what on the island of Exuma and, ultimately, in Cuba.”

A Taste of Paradise


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